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Who we are, what we do, and how we are different.

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How to Taptot

Taptot is a sharing plaform, so you post and share giveaways or services to earn TPs. Whenever you successfully given away an item you gain a TP. You can use a TP to take any item from the platform. Selling or exchanging items are prohibited on Taptot. There should be no price negotiation, no credit accumulation and no bidding. When you have a TP you can just take any available item without asking the Giver’s permission. Every item takes only one TP to Take. So if you have 2 TPs you are allowed to take two items. Please note: all giveaways are free but you may have to pay shipping fees for delivery.

Our Story

Once upon a time, an analyst, a developer and a designer got together and started asking questions like: Why should we pay for used items? Is there an easier way to share and ship things to friends and family? Is there a fast and simple way to donate unneeded items?

After deciding there was a better way to give to the world, they formed Taptot to answer these questions! Taptot is built to be the easiest platform to share resources. There is no need to make an offer, no need to negotiate prices, nor bid for an item that you want. Just Take it. Period.

Taptot is a social-resource sharing app based on the fundamental human behavior of giving and taking. At Taptot, we believe in the act of giving. We enable sharing and donating on a social network platform to reduce wastage and enhance social connectivity. We have removed most of the hassles in resource giving, so what is left is just the joyful sensation of giving and sharing!

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Post a giveaway or assign an item to another user in just a few taps, giving, and sharing has never been easier.


Take anything you want with just one TakePoint. It’s simple, one TakePoint for one item.

My Orders

Be on top of all your on-going orders without hassle! Simply tap into My Orders to access transaction details.


Bookmark allows you to store items you prefer to Take in advance, so you can quickly find it when you want to Take it.


Birthdays can be much more exciting than just sending greetings now. Give and receive birthday gifts among your friends and families.


Earn badges and get recognized for giving, and sharing as you build up your sharing network.

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Taptot is quite unique because:

  • vs other social media:
    Instead of just sharing pictures and stories, Taptot allows users to share tangible goods with friends, family and other users in the Taptot social network. Yes, users can actually receive what a friend shared, whether it’s a dessert that one wants to taste, or an item that one would like to own.

  • vs other shopping Apps:
    everything posted on Taptot’s give-and-take platform is free. So, no more price negotiations, no need to make an offer, no need to bid for an item. Just simply take what you want!

  • vs other sharing platforms:
    Shipping is made easy! Ship something to someone instantly with a few quick taps.


Fun Sharing.

Our Mission

To provide an easy to use platform where sharing is fun, convenient and open to all users.

Our Vision

People adopting Taptot as the preferred platform to ship and share resources to maximize existing value and reduce waste.

Feature Highlights

Redefining what social sharing is all about!

It’s more than just a visual sharing, you can actually taste, touch, and own what you see on Taptot.

Imagine shipping can be arranged in just a few taps. Yes, it is as easy as sending a text message.

No more price negotiations, biding, nor credit accumulation to redeem an item. Just take what you want. Period.

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